Friend Refers Friend Campaign

"Happiness is only real when shared!" To celebrate this new year festival, we are delighted to share our joy with you and your beloved ones. By referring your friend to us, you can both enjoy the benefits of a brighter smile. You will get an SGD200 rebate, and your friend will receive an SGD100 discount for their clear aligners treatment!
(T&C apply*)

If you are still wondering what your new year's resolution should be, why not start with a positive plan for a brighter smile? This will undoubtedly encourage you to keep up your inner fire and stay consistent, not forgetting to flash a confident smile.

Our invisible braces are considered the most convenient and effective way to achieve your dream smile. They are popular because you can remove them to eat, drink, and attend special occasions without metal braces.

At Dr Clear Aligners, we offer advanced technology from Germany that is manufactured by our certified dentists. Our clear aligners are made from Zendura Flex BPA-free material, one of the most premium materials available.

Rebate Amount and Currency for Participated Countries. T&C apply*
  • Singapore - SGD200 for yourself & SGD100 for your friend
  • Malaysia - RM300 for yourself & RM200 for your friend
  • Thailand - THB4000 for yourself or your friend
  • Australia - AUD200 for yourself & AUD100 for your friend
  • United Kingdom - £100 for yourself & £50 for your friend
  • Hong Kong - HKD1000 for yourself & HKD500 for your friend

  • Life is short, so what are you waiting for? Let's double the joy with your friends!

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