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Friend Refers Friend Campaign

“Happiness is only real when shared!” To celebrate this new year festival, we are delighted to share our joy with you

Tips & Tricks For Healthy Teeth


Sonic Toothbrush: The Ultimate in Dental Care

Good news for all dental health enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest product, Dr Clear Aligners

Melatonin Gummy Candy: A Sweet Solution for a Restful Sleep

While melatonin is naturally produced by the body, some people may have trouble falling asleep due to a variety of factors. This

Scholarship Campaign

Education is a key part of a society’s growth and progress. When people are educated, they can significantly contribute to

One Aligner One Tree Campaign

One Aligner One Tree [One Tree Planted in your name when you sign up for Dr Clear Aligners] Our mother earth has nourished us

5 Factors That Determine Invisible Braces Treatment Time

There are many variables that we can examine when considering one’s aligners treatment period. Why do some require a longer

How To Clean Mouth After Eating

Oral hygiene maintenance plays an essential role in our life because the oral cavity is the gateway to everything we eat, drink

Are Clear Aligners Just a Trend or Do They Really Help?

We all know clear aligners, work – We’ve all seen the results. But how do they straighten teeth precisely? After all, clear

Can Invisible Braces Work with Dental Implants

What do clear aligners have to do with dental implants? How do they work together? Are there any benefits to using them together?

Are Clear Aligners Suitable For Teens

The answer is, totally yes. As long as their teeth have developed to an appropriate stage, the treatment is just as safe and as