One Aligner One Tree Campaign

One Aligner One Tree [One Tree Planted in your name when you sign up for Dr Clear Aligners] Our mother earth has nourished us with abundant natural resources, but most of us take it for granted. The rapid development of the industrial economy in the 21st century has caused environmental problems to happen regionally and even globally. We are all well aware of how our lifestyles impact the environment: the waste we generate contributes to climate change and air pollution; commercial agriculture is causing deforestation, loss of biodiversity and an increase in greenhouse gases; and our exploitation of natural resources now means that there might not be enough resources to sustain future generations. Here are the 10 major environmental problems our world is facing today:
  1. Global warming
  2. Ozone layer depletion
  3. Acid rain
  4. Biodiversity loss
  5. Forest loss
  6. Land degradation
  7. Air pollution
  8. Water pollution
  9. Marine pollution
  10. Transboundary movements of wastes
Now, it’s time for us to look into these issues deeply, and we have to think about how we, as a part of the community can contribute and do our part for mother earth. 【1, 2, TREE, Smile】Campaign To restore and give back to our mother earth, Dr Clear Aligners has partnered up with a non-profit organization One Tree Planted to plant a tree with every new customer sign-up. One Aligner One Tree Besides looking good with your new smile, you’ll be helping the environment as well! Plus, you’ll receive a Tree Certificate, which states where your tree is planted after signing up for a treatment. How cool is that!   How To Participate in This Meaningful Event Just by signing up for Dr Clear Aligners' treatment! At Dr Clear Aligners, all our plans are vetted by orthodontists to ensure that each treatment is tailored to each customer’s unique needs so that their smile journey will be safe and efficient. If you are interested in straightening your teeth, contact us today. Join this meaningful campaign for a better world. 1, 2, TREE, Smile!  Get your free smile assessment now.  

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